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On Wednesday 17th March, thanks to the partnership with the Giacomo Brodolini Foundation in Milan, we will hold a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop on Rule-Breaking Strategy, the method developed by Jens Refshøj to craft the strategies to be more competitive in your market. The workshop, limited to 10 people and Covid compliant, will be held at LUISS Hub Milan. The workshop is part of Milan Digital Week.

We will present the workshop in the version developed by Robert Rasmussen, Master Trainer and inventor (together with Per Kristiansen) of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology, inspired by the work of Jens Refshøj.

What is the Rule-Breaking Strategy? Rule Breaking Strategy is a way to be successful in differentiating/behaveing differently from the major players in your business category. Breaking the rules means challenging the rules in force, choosing new paths; shaking habits. Among companies, those who break the rules are those who create a new business concept by violating the rules of the market. Obviously, we are not referring here to the violation of the laws, but to the more indefinite and unwritten “rules of the game” by which companies operate. Breaking the rules is the strategic behavior of a company, which openly breaks with the usual thinking of the sector.

Companies that break the rules stand out. They have recognized the value of acting differently. They consciously go in the opposite direction undertaken by their competitors, on at least one strategic parameter. While the competition fights intensely in the middle of the competitive zone, those who break the rules stand at the edge of the ring and conquer a more customizable and untouchable space. It is not a blue ocean strategy, because the companies that break the rules still work within the same market, with the same customers and the same parameters of competition, i.e. in the red ocean.

You can buy tickets directly here, taking advantage of our early bird offers.

Looking forward to seeing you