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From 1 June 2020 In Sprint, through Fabrizio Faraco, is part of Trivium International, the international initiative of Trivium, the company of Per Kristiansen, Master Trainer, and one of the two inventors of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology.

Trivium is a leading partner globally in working with dynamic strategies, change management, cultural processes and leadership development with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.

We coordinate knowledge, beliefs and language to get things done so it can be seen on the bottom line.

We have substantial international experience and have worked with many different cultures. This has honed our skills in listening for understanding and in building bridges between the differences. It has helped us become more aware of who we are and use this awareness to create space for others.

We believe that:

  • Leadership is about taking the first step and crossing thresholds. We have all tried and built our experiences this way. We fully appreciate and respect the demanding and challenging task managers are faced with, and this feeds into our facilitator’s work.
  • To create sustainable development, and growth you need to be in a learning mode
    The optimal learning mode is playing mode
  • The solution is in the system: Th knowledge and experience to find a solution is already in the organization, but the potential in each person needs to be unleashed
  • In order to develop a sustainable and robust solution you need to include both the purely cognitive and the emotional

This partnership strengthens In Sprint’s ability to provide innovative and effective expertise and solutions to its customers. Thanks to Trivium International, our PlayAhead offer is already available in Italy.