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Recently the competences of In Sprint have found an echo outside the international territory and this has allowed activating an international partnership for the Middle East market with the Gazelles Management Consulting company based in Dubai.

Dubai – view toward Palm Jumeirah

At the end of April, In Sprint carried out an exploratory mission to the United Arab Emirates to strengthen the partnership with Gazelles and activate the market.

There have been numerous opportunities for contact and presentation of the core competencies of In Sprint during this mission. First of all, a 1-day workshop Design Sprint in which the main innovation managers in the area can experience the characteristics of this method at hand.

In addition to the one-day workshop, demonstration workshops were held both within the DQG group of quality managers and at the large Ducab cable manufacturing company in order to illustrate the potential of the tool in manufacturing and services.

In almost all the workshops, in addition to the use of post-it, extensive use was made of LEGO® in order to demonstrate the power of the different methodologies that In Sprint is able to use. In addition to Design thinking, Design Sprint, and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, various Lean techniques were also used in the various demonstrations, including the Lean Canvas and the Business Model Canvas.

The response of the industrial ecosystem of the United Arab Emirates has been very encouraging and a new date has been defined for a new mission in this area. The objectives will be to spread the culture and practice of Design Sprint and Lean Mindset using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® as a preferred tool.