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Imagine an old institution, a company older than 100 years that decides to bet on their young people and their power to be agile.

With a group of talented trainers and facilitators, I’ve been involved by DevOnD, an international oriented change management company, into one of the brightest vocational training programs I’ve ever been.

I couldn’t give more details, but this big international client, feeling the urge of the change in its own market, decided to rely on people rather than try to force a change at the organization level. The top manager who launched possesses courage and optimism to think that training the next generation of managers in a way open to innovation will change the company itself.

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Two days devoted to the agile mindset as a tool to foster business agility. The young crew of managers really understand the power of:

  1. an iteration process
  2. a tribe of resources
  3. getting out of comfort zone

And how this process can be applied even into an organization that is not agile. This trust is based on the awareness that the future is not predictable and that there is no reason to wait around, feel powerless, or fearful. The individuals and the group realize that they can focus on what is within their discretion instead of what they cannot change.

Seeing the crew move from skepticism to employing the mindset in only one day was really energizing and reinforce the probability that the new management team will be more capable to deal with change and anticipate the moves to be resilient and profitable by the market challenges.

The training program got a strong base and can be a model to make emerging the next generation of change-makers.

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