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Let’s imagine we have our team in a meeting aimed at developing a project, we usually start by identifying the problem we intend to solve and often, especially if we start immediately with finding solutions, we end up in full groupthink, that is, we follow the solution of the boss like sheep or than the one that shouts the most, often losing sight of the real solution, the one that produces the best impact.

What if instead we started from there? And we did it so that everyone expresses their individual point of view before the discussion begins, ie “Together alone”? With this workshop we will start right from here, using the Daisy Lab an exercise that allows us to change the point of view of the participants. Instead of making them focus on the problem (and later on the solution), participants are invited to focus individually on the result they want to achieve from the project: the impact, the real benefit of achieving that result.

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Daisy Lab – Una ricetta per il co-creare con il tuo team una sequenza di risultati outcome driven

Thus, everyone achieves their own results and plays their part in obtaining the shared result independently. However, sometimes this is not enough and then starting from the first result we want to achieve in the timeline that leads us to the desired impact, with the same “Together alone” method we build many solutions, take a bath of reality, and define a plan two weeks that can be immediately set up which, through a success criterion, allows us to immediately verify the goodness of the solution found.

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